18 definition by currybomb

The act of inserting a vibrating device into ones anus or vagina to stimulate an orgasm.
Dude, last night I shoved my phone up my girls ass and kept calling it so it'd vibrate to cause a sexbration, funnny shit!
by currybomb July 28, 2010

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The act of loading your penis/dildo into a potato shooter and shooting it up the anal canal of your partner.
Dude, I was fucking my girlfriend last night and out of no where she pulled a fucking wisconsin french fry on me. WTF?!?
by currybomb July 28, 2010

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a common nickname for an America born Indian male; also a new and soon to be famous word existorizer.
Dude did you see currybomb today?
Nah bro, I think his parents made him study.
by currybomb July 27, 2010

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a wife beater that is somehow extremely homosexual because of design, color, or even personality of the wearer.
That kid is wearing a bright pink husband beater
by currybomb July 18, 2010

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