7 definitions by cool kid

A group of people who always cheat off each other. Numsucking assholes.
I hate those effing Narrs; they always get the curve.
by cool kid January 8, 2005
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short form of Dwayne.

a Dwayne who likes to party and have fun
that Duey, he is the life of the party
by cool kid March 9, 2005
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A massive line that goes straight down your throat and causes you to gag.
'let's toot a fat gagger.'
by cool kid September 28, 2003
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1. to own

2. to rock hard, rock your socks, biatch

3. rush of blood to head after intense masturbation
dude, i cmorged so bad, i blackedout, i must have hit a wall cause it was ridiculous, word up, straight back, holla
by cool kid January 27, 2005
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1. faggot old teacher with a weird voice
2. gives two much hw
3. she says "sure" too much
Mrs gholson= faggot faggot faggot
by cool kid April 1, 2005
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One who seems to live on the edge

Also can be a short form for Roger

Also the tiger off of Alladin
That guy is such a raga, did you see that stunt.
by cool kid March 9, 2005
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Yale(adj.):Ass, wack, stupid, not smart enough to go to Harvard
Harvard Guy 1: That party was YALE fam!
Harvard Guy 2: Word! I only saw like one chic who had all of her limbs and wasnt missing any of her teeth.

Guy(after watching his friend come in second place and look like a loser): "Dude you're Yale, don't talk to me."
by cool kid February 16, 2005
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