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An American Christian fundamentalist movement that rose in the late 70s/80s; individuals of this group are superlatively hypocritical in their two-faced morality that the expouse.
Religious Right leaders claim to stand for traditional morality, yet the places where they have a strong power base tend to be filled with titty bars.
They claim to represent family values, yet divorce rates among members of typical fundamentalist churches are among the highest in the country.
They cite Bible verses in Leviticus in order to condemn homosexuality, yet they ignore the fact that the same book of Leviticus also says shellfish are an abomination as well as homosexuality.
They are always pro-life, yet they approve of pre-emptive war in Iraq.
They continuously marginalize and belittle those of minority faiths and atheists, yet the shout persecution whenever people show understandable hostility towards them, or when the government, in accordance with separation of church and state doesn't give them state sanction, i.e., the Ten Commandments on government property.
They go on and on about how gays demand special rights, but they demand special status for themselves for being Protestant evangelical Christians.
It's important to realize that the Religious Right is in no way representative of Christianity as a whole. Former president Jimmy Carter, a devout evangelical himself, has denounced the politics of the Religious Right.
Pat Robertson and Ralph Reed use manipulative and secretive means to get Religious Right-wingers, such as Tom Delay, Bill Frist, and Rick Santorum, into the Senate and the House.
by Conrad August 07, 2004

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Bid is Street slang for a prison sentence
My man is doing a bid in Rikers for attempted murder
by Conrad June 19, 2003

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Specific type of high end cocaine, 90% cocaine 10% sulfide of sulfide composite
"How much for an 8 ball of fish scale?"
by Conrad June 19, 2003

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someone who is usually subjected to narrowminded hostility in his or her own time, but is vindicated by posterity. Many of the political figures we revere today were liberals in their own time.
50 years ago, it was "liberals" who wanted to put an end to racial discrimination and segregation
100 years age, it was "liberals" who wanted safe working conditions and female suffrage
150 years ago, it was "liberals" who wanted to put an end to slavery
230 years ago, it was "liberals" who wanted an independent nation of America.
by Conrad February 16, 2004

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MD 20/20, also knows as Mad Dog 20/20 or just Mad Dog, is a cheap wine that comes in several delicious flavors. It can be had for under three dollars and is widely available. Taste is a matter of personal preference, however many drinkers enjoy it.
"Man, that MD 20/20 was some good sheet!"

"Dude, I spiked that punchbowl with Banana Red MD 20/20!"
by Conrad January 28, 2005

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Pills or tablets
Blue ills are ten, Red ills are twenty, the green ills...you can't have those..those are for me
by Conrad June 19, 2003

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1.Mallcore is a term of derision that refers to nu-metal, since it is so closely associated with the Hot Topic stores at the malls of America. Such music, while having certain metallic tendencies, is simplistic, predictable, and, for the most part, uncreative. Thus, it cannot be considered true metal, however, these watered-down mainstream bands do lead some fans in the right direction towards true metal bands such as Slayer, Opeth, Dimmu Borgir, Emperor, Deicide, Iron Maiden, among countless others.
2. This term can sometimes be abused by certain metalheads. Some people will say a band has gone "mallcore" any time it releases a sub par album, even if the band has no hint of mallcore influences, still plays solos, and is much too heavy to have any mainstream acceptance.
1. I used to listen to mallcore until I discovered Slayer.
2. According to Special K, Iron Maiden, Slayer, Opeth, Children of Bodom, and Cradle of Filth classify as "mallcore" since I have seen shirts sold at Hot Topic for all those bands.
by Conrad January 20, 2005

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