5 definitions by colonel cheesemonkey

V. or N.
When someone bends down to pick something up from under a chair that someone else is sitting in. Especially prevalent with guys because girls excuse each other for the act.

The person who is mark foleying may be adressed as Mark Foley in the following example:
*Bob bends down to pick up a pencil that has rolled under Ben's chair.*
Ben: HEY, Mark Foley, watch it there!
by colonel cheesemonkey May 26, 2007
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n. A style of baggy capri pants briefly marketed for guys, although it quickly flopped, having been a fashion-don't by default.
What guy in their right mind would wear messenger pants?
by colonel cheesemonkey May 24, 2007
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a euphemism for using the restroom. -It makes it sound important, because even though other people think it's not, you know it is.
Excuse me... I have to take care of some very important business. Back in a sec.
by colonel cheesemonkey May 25, 2007
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any overpoweringly sweet smelling lotion or perfume spray that makes everybody around the wearer sneeze and complain about.

It's not clear if anybody is actually alergic to it or whether people just to pretend to be because everybody else is.
Hey! Don't spray that fufu stuff in here! You're making me sneeze!
by colonel cheesemonkey May 25, 2007
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