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The most hardcore fucking motherfucker to ever live. He's the guy who's name is 1st and then comes the band. ex: GG Allin and the Scumfucs, GG Allin and the Murder Junkies... His shows were the most intense things you could go to, people get beaten up at them, broken arms, GG's sings naked + he takes shits on stage and throws it at the audience, and basically he does anything he fucking wants to. Has been arrested over 50 times and died a while ago, like 1990's or something of a heroine overdose i think, which was before he could commit suicide at one of his shows which is what he claimed he would do. His music's awesome and he has his own genre: GG rock. I probably messed up a lot of details so feel free to edit and/or think i'm an idiot.
I went to a GG Allin concert w/my girlfriend. She got raped, my arms got broken and GG smeared shit in my face. It was fucking AWESOME.
by cloudwacher August 12, 2006

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1. Someone who tries to fit in with a crowd by following all of its trends but isn't cool at all.
2. A complete douchebag.
3. Avril Lavigne.
4. Someone who tries to skateboard, BMX, etc to be cool but sucks huge donkey dick at everthing.
Dude, that kid Cole is such a poser, he always brings his skateboard to school and can't even do a fucking ollie.
by cloudwacher August 12, 2006

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A word used by nerds to get back at kids who don't play video games all the time. Like a reversal of the whole jock vs nerd thing, except old school nerds were smart, present day nerds just play video games.It's really pathetic when you hear someone try to diss someone else on that basis.
Melvin: You're such a nube, I just pwned you!
Joe: Yeah, well at least I have friends.
by Cloudwacher October 19, 2006

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A book that's fun to read but the quality of the reading is pretty shitty.
Even though I really liked it, that book Pamela Anderson wrote was kind of a Da Vinci Code.
by Cloudwacher August 27, 2006

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A girl who LOVES sausage, preferably italian, and will eat almost any kind just to get the feeling of that pork tickling her windpipe.
Tony: Chloe's such a chickenhead.
Antonio: i know man, one day i saw her just walked into a butcher shop and eat ten sausages all at the same time, fucking ridiculous.
by Cloudwacher November 16, 2006

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