To be mistreated outrageously badly by someone. To disregard or defy someone.
Despite all the things I did for him, he just shit in my face.
by Christopher Andreychuk October 3, 2013
To be told a lie or a truth that seems at the time to be unbelievable
No way did that happen, are you shitting on my face?
by Nappies November 6, 2007
A phrase/response reserved only for situations that are so totally absurd, you would actually be less surprised if someone was physically shitting on your face.
"Excuse me, I just need to pay my registration..."

"Sir, like I just told everyone... You need to go to window 3, get form B and 36F, fill them out, then come back here and I'll give you a number so you can wait in line and we'll get you processed."

"Are you shitting on my face?"
by iwaslikeyohowdathappen July 2, 2010
To shit on one's face is to "mess", or kid with one's self. Similar to "Nah, I'm just shitting you".
Person a)"Dude, your Mum just died..."

Person b)"...Omg..."

Person a)"LOL! Nah I'm just shitting on your face!"

"<suprising comment>"

"Dude, dont shit on my face, are you serious?"
by K.1.3.R.4.N September 5, 2006
When one regrets opening their mouth about something.
Then I shall shit my face.
by D_reck31 September 24, 2017