A psychiatric condition in which the affected person suffers from a flawed perception that views some part of the body or physical feature to be defective or unsightly although an objective observer would not share said opinion. While some people assume that female breasts are disproportionately the feature in question, in fact persons with body dysmorphic disorder tend to report dissatisfaction with facial features most frequently.

Body dysmorphic disorder is categorized as one of the Somatoform Disorders by the American Psychiatric Association.
Madeline suffered from body dysmorphic disorder: she thought her cute Gallic nose was an unsightly and grotesquely large beak.
by Duckbutt January 24, 2006
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Mental disorder that makes you unable to look in a mirror without thinking how worthless and ugly you are. At one point you probably won't leave the house in order to avoid all the beautiful people and possible reflections of your imperfections
Ana started ditching class because her body dysmorphic disordergot so bad
by ~yellow Daffodil~ September 24, 2017
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