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1.) Missing In Action
2.) a slang term used by pro-eating disorder folk (of all the things to support.. *facepalm*), that refers to BuliMIA.
1.) Solider 3872A: MIA
2.) Like, omfg! Janis totally has Mia. She looks so good.
by chic geek April 03, 2004

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A.)Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, a mental illness resulting in persistant illogical fears and ideas, and often, particular habits created and followed out so as to avoid the fears and anxiety they cause.

B.) Why I suffer.
A.) In the sixth grade, I was so afraid of choking on food that I would only eat soup or mashed potatoes. I weighed 60 lbs, and almost died before I slowly was brought onto solid foods again.

B.) I'm afraid of eveything now. Its stupid, but I can't stop it. I'm afraid of people, yet I love them. I want love, but I'm too cowardly to look for it. Instead I get caught up in the deluded fantasies in my head and wait for the world to go away.
by chic geek December 23, 2003

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Hot bitch professor, who often stars in my kinky Student/Professor fantasies, where I'm the student, yay. :D
Holy shit, Snape is so dark and tormented that its FUCKING HOT.
by chic geek August 21, 2003

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I'm alone. The end.
by chic geek September 06, 2003

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An awesome city with some great people, and some assholes. Yes, there are sluts here, but there are sluts anywhere else too. Interesting people. And 17th Ave is pretty fun, as is downtown and Mission. Should be the capital of Alberta.
Calgary is better than Deadmonton.
by chic geek August 20, 2003

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a.) Old slang used to describe people of french heritage.

b.) strength or physical ability
a.) "Don't screw with him, he's pea soup!"

b.) *after throwing a car across a canyon* PEA SOUP, BITCHES.
by Chic Geek May 02, 2004

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A word Alex Berenstein made up and I defined.

Definition: A male who is very effeminate. So very effeminate, that in fact, he is likely to read Cosmo for the articles.

Scary, but true. o_o
Alex: I called my friend a Cosmofag today. Make up a definition for it. o_o

Robin: (insert definition)

Alex: Boss.

Robin: ...Fag is an insulting word. *hits him*

Alex: X_O
by chic geek April 03, 2004

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