A tornado with LIGHT DAMAGE: Some damage to chimneys, TV antennas, roof shingles displaced. Small branches broken on trees.
That f-0 tornado caused minimum damage, thank god it wasn't much bigger, it was close to a large city.
by Brian February 28, 2004
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Used to describe someone stupid, a variation of the word fool
He spelt color with a u in it, what a f0
by maasa hiroki April 02, 2005
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A secret code used only in groups that means get the f*** out
Annette: g+f0

Becca: What?
by liliiionefndfj July 27, 2011
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One who defines spanain and when defining spanain becomes fosnygliatic.
Brotha. You have no idea how fosnygliatic that mutha fucka is! !

Word to ya snygga
by Fo-Snygga March 18, 2005
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