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Derogatory term for Edmonton, Alberta. Sometimes also known as Redmonton or Edmonchuk.
- I was trying to find a happening place downtown, but everything seemed to shut down after 5 PM.
- What do you expect? It's Deadmonton.
by inkstained_wretch November 25, 2006
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The name described for a population of people that happen to inhabit Edmonton and don't like to do adventure outside households after school/work.
Wanna go to a movie tonight? Nah, theaters closed down in deadmonton.

Friend 1, "Feel like going out? It's Friday!!!"
Friend 2, "Ya but there's nowhere fun to go."
Friend 1, "Fuckin Deadmonton."
by Hipster Fuck December 01, 2009
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deadmonton is a term used to describe the city Edmonton located in Canada. It is a combination of 'dead' and 'edmonton' and is commonly used by a younger generation to describe how boring the city is and just how little there is to do.
There's nothing to do around here..
It's deadmonton...

Man I can't find any places to take good photos!
It's deadmonton...
by L.W. Definitions June 14, 2018
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Unlike all the other smart pants (used loosely) deadmonton is a Halloween based haunted house every year, deadmonton is not slang for Edmonton.
Boy do you wanna go to deadmonton and get scared?
by Deadmonton October 11, 2018
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