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Thease adorable little things are like scale models of big bottles of tobasco, they are what happens when tobasco mates.

For some reason i also know that they are bottled in upstate New York, probably because i have a tendancy to get bored in the field and read everything i can find.

Look out for them next time you have no other option than too eat ORP's or MRE's.
This iddy biddy tobasco bottle isnt just adorable, its adorabubble!
by cheeseflambe April 11, 2010
Times of great financial depression, such that buissness men are commiting suicide off of the Gherkin (a large penis shaped building within the greater metropoliten area.)
Dude 1: man, my neighbour lost his job, i lost my job, my best friend lost his job...

Dude 2: tsk. yeah, thease are Gherkin Suicide Times.
by cheeseflambe July 14, 2009
The National Small-bore rifle association, which has its headquarters in the Lord Roberts Center at Bisley in Surrey.
We went up to the NSRA place in Bisley to buy shooting stuff.
by cheeseflambe May 27, 2011
4 or more people taking hteir socks off together.

no, im serious.

thats the orrigional definition of orgy

probably got somthing to do with a foot fetish or somthing.
4 people getting changed for p.t.

hey were having an orgy!
by cheeseflambe June 30, 2009
Alcohol, specifically when used to drown ones sorrows, or forget a certain event, such as getting demoted at work or embarrassing yourself.
dude 1: Man, worst day ever!
dude 2: yeah, lets hit the bar and get us some forgetting juice to make it all go away!
by cheeseflambe November 8, 2010
1)Somthing that really shouldnt have happened

2) something very suprising.

It comes from when a technician in the Australian Air Force was tasked with adding kangaroos to their helecopter simulator, but he cut corners and rather than designing a kangaroo from scratch, used the base of an infantryman, and just altered what it looked like.
He also made it so that it would scatter like a herd of kangaroos when scared. The first group of pilots to try the new simulator saw them and thought "crikey, thats new" and decided to have some fun and scared them all away behind some hills.
Problem is, the technician hadnt removed the bit of code that stopped the infantrymen attacking, and 60 seconds later, the 'roos emerged out from behind the hill with surface to air misslies and promptly brought down the chopper.
1) No way should the teacher have given me detention for being sick in class, that was a real kangaroo attack!

2) OMG you scared the schizzle out of me! I didnt expect you to be hiding in my cupboard! That was such a kangaroo attack.
by cheeseflambe August 16, 2010
happy-whatever reason im giving this small insignificant piece of crap to you.
Should be said with enthusiasm.
person, whilst handing someone else a half empty tube of toothpaste:Happy Birthday
by cheeseflambe July 20, 2009