43 definition by cassie

Phrase used to add emphesis which is said after making a statement.
That bitch is fine, huh too
by Cassie April 02, 2005

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actually thats just the nam,e of the band. evanescence actually means 'far from sight'
i cant see him!
thats because hes too far away! havent u ever heard of evanescence?
by cassie March 17, 2005

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Similar to the slang for a white person as in "cracker", this refers to any person of mexican decent. Can be used as a proper name.
What up tortilla chip? or Ya damn crazy ass tortilla chip mutha fucka!!
by Cassie July 29, 2003

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yeah, you know i heart you. ;*
paul <3.
hulluh hulluh there bebe!
by cassie May 07, 2005

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a bastard cassie
Castard, you're stupid!
by cassie February 12, 2003

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Sex-Rock-Metal-GOD. :Beauty lies within and dwells without:
by cassie May 19, 2004

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I love her! I think she is s very good singer! I want to meet her!!!!! GO DELTA!
I love you Delta!
by Cassie March 17, 2004

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