a cross between a cunt and a bastard, usually used when you cant decide whether a person is being a cunt or a bastard.
is she a cunt or is she a bastard? i just cant make a decision, i'll just have to say she must be a castard.
by rc9000000000000000000 November 19, 2013
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1. Being in a state of goofyness where you laugh at your own laugh and anything and everything makes you laugh. Shows up frequently at work.

2. A time where Cassie Syndrome is at its worse.

3.A symptom of Cassie Syndrome.
I was walking around work tonight in circles, not doing anything in particular and someone called me Castarded and I laughed my ass off and got out of work 20 minutes late bacause I was laughing so hard.
by Friend with benefits May 9, 2005
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