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1. An urban mythological creature that exists in fairy tales.

2. A woman who thinks it was OK to have lots of sex with different partners, then wonders why she cant find her perfect prince charming to settle down with when she is 'finished' with slutting herself around.

An 'Ex-sluts' Relationship usually fail because when the current boyfriend finds out about previous sluttish behaviour, he disproves and is told he is jealous, if she wants to be friends with 500 ex's on Facebook he is jealous, yet if he speaks to his ex wifes mother once on Christmas then gets something thrown at his head. Boyfriend usually gets tired of seeing other guys whispering and fist bumping when they see his girlfriend- moves onto a cleaner specimen.

Eventually ex sluts end up alone with 20 cats as company whilst offering themselves on-line as a 'BBW' who will fuck anything tonight.

Common expressions that can identify an ex slut-

'I'm not like that anymore'
'Yes I cheated on him but I would not cheat on you'
'The way I love you is different to the way I loved him'
'If we split up it would take me ages to find another guy'
'I was only like that because I wanted to be liked'
'I was drunk/high at the time'

Ex sluts between relationships can usually be found in the bar or on an internet dating site, immediately hooking up with the first thing that offers a penis, fuelling the theory that in fact, there is actually NO SUCH THING as an ex-slut.

Usually found hanging round with her BSF.
John was a 32 year old millionare banker with a heart of gold, and only a couple of steady girlfriends in his life. Katie, a self confessed ex-slut, almost managed to persuade him to marry her but after his father, colonel watson, found the videos on my ex girlfriend.com, he called the wedding off. Katie was devastated and to drown her sorrows went to the club with her BSF, and woke up the next morning in the bedsit of 3 african immigrants feeling sore in every hole.
by captianstabber May 17, 2014
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A word first found in the Koran, word number 5.
Bill looked at the first page of the Koran, and there it was, Allah
by captianstabber May 17, 2014
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a portmanteau of Black and Angry- usually referring to the particular attitude that can only be found emminating off a fairly annoyed black woman.
Whad-chu mean they gone run outa chicken? Damn sister, Shania gonna be Blangry bout dat!
by captianstabber May 26, 2014
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A person who publicly displays their obvious stupidity. Originating in the 2020 Coronavirus epidemic when people would wear a face mask with their nose outside, showing how low their education level is that they could not understand the basic function of a device which they were wearing.
Dave really wore a trump hat to a democrat rally? What a total nosehanger!
by captianstabber September 10, 2020
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A) A language most commonly heard in Tescos supermarkets, Local waste recycling centres, cash for clothing shops or Car boot sales in the UK.

B) A nationality of people, usually self hating, frowning and not smiling, culturally displaced by European post world war II politics, who are found attempting to integrate into the working class population by adding words such as 'Mate', 'Qwid' 'Fwiver' 'Tenner' and of course 'Cheers' into their broken language vocabulary, without realising it makes them sound stupid.

C) A person driving a UK registered car with no tax, mot or insurance in Europe, who considers such a car to be a status symbol
A. Julie saw a useful item she wanted for her house at the car boot sale, but apart from the word 'quid' and 'mate', which confused her because she was a girl, she could not understand the polish vendors broken language so she moved on.

B. Jeremy asked the supermarket attendant the isle where the toiletries were kept, and was greeted with a sour look before they ignored him and started speaking polish to their colleague.

C. Pavel, minding the potholes, drove into bogateniya town centre with a smile on his face; everyone was staring at his rattling 92 cortina, his pride welled up inside him as he thought to himself 'now everyone think I British mate'
by captianstabber May 16, 2014
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1. British Military slang for a person who did something stupid that resulted in the delay or cancellation of something important. Also known as a space cadet in some circles.
Dave: 'Shit I forgot my passport. Its at home 500 miles away'
Tony: 'Now we will miss our flight!'
Dave 'I know, I'm a complete Spaco Johnson!'
by captianstabber May 20, 2014
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