5 definitions by caffeinequeen

Someone who has had so much caffeine that they seem like they are on crack.

Consuming so much caffiene that you never sleep or eat and look worn out all the time.
- Everytime I see that girl shes drinking a rockstar, and acting all crazy.

- Yeah, shes a total caffeine crackie.
by caffeinequeen October 23, 2007
Another way of saying "Bouncing off the walls".

Having a lot of energy.
I had like 3 energy drinks today so im all bouncy.
by caffeinequeen October 23, 2007
I always mispell the word definitely, so its easier to text def, than spend 5 minutes trying to fix the messed up word I get from T9 on my cell phone.
by caffeinequeen October 23, 2007
A Christmas without snow.

Christmas in Texas.

-I wish it would snow here on Christmas!

-Yeah I know! Too bad, its another tex-mas this year.
by caffeinequeen October 23, 2007
1. Someone who cant go one day (or one hour) without drinking a diet coke.

2. Someone who goes to the bathroom frequently as a result of drinking too much diet coke.

3. A person who is skinny because they use diet coke as a way to feel full, instead of eating food.
"You drank that whole pack of diet coke already?! Its only been in the fridge for one day! You are such a diet coke head!"

-She is always running off to the bathroom.
-Yeah shes such a diet coke head.
by caffeinequeen October 23, 2007