5 definitions by cacacooroonee

when ppl think saying the name of the current event in the world "2020-2021" is illegal so they say potatovirus instead
"the potatovirus is spreading across the world" the news reporter said
by cacacooroonee February 25, 2021
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What two-year-olds put as their nickname when they can't think of a Kahoot!, Quizizz, etcetera name
hmm, what should i use as a Quizizz name? oh, i know, i'll use cacacuruni!
by cacacooroonee December 14, 2020
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an indian drama MIXED with comedy in one single word
we just finished watching an indo-dramedy
by cacacooroonee December 13, 2020
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a thing that isnt known ; variable
an excuse for doing something u werent supposed to
to find the something, do boring stuff
i was doing something
by cacacooroonee February 21, 2021
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