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the most thuged out rapper out there
by carlos May 08, 2003

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Puertorican slang for the male sexual organ.
That guy just pulled out his bicho and pee behind that tree.
by Carlos April 13, 2005

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A great cult movie. Those who like it, love it. A movie that brings viewers back to sone of the greatest times of their lives. The movie doesn't go anywhere and just kind of happens...but that's why it's genius. Matthew McConoughey's greatest performance.
I love high school girls....I get older but they keep staying the same age -Dazed and Confused
by Carlos June 16, 2006

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hottest rap group in history
bone thugs n harmony is the hottest rap group in history
by carlos May 08, 2003

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The absolute and undeniable best video game ever created. Highly hyped and totally delivered!
Pull out your old NES and play some super mario bros. 3
by Carlos August 17, 2006

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Piece of shit computers. I can shit computers better than those. Theses unsuspecting people see the ads of the stupid little pot head screamin DUDE UR GETTIN A DELL and get drawn to it. They shit the bed after like 4 months than u call there high quality support and stay on the phone with some dickhead hoo rambles for 4 hours about the wrong thig
Johnny: Watta u doin?
Jimmy: Im playin on my four month old dell.
Johnny: Dude ur computer jus crashed.
Jimmy: No prob ill call their great support.
4 hous later......
Jimmy: Fuck u im getting a Compaq
by Carlos September 24, 2004

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Good quality marijuana. Short for crippy. Used in Florida, especially Dade County.
Wassup dawg, I got that crip on compound, holla at ya boi.
by Carlos December 16, 2003

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