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becoming a waste of a life, as drew says. also, a waste of a person. this "man" does absolutely nothing with his life besides roam around the deserted hallways of hanover high during class and puff the magic dragon
alex cullinan is cullinaning again, look drew there he is sleeping/roaming/high/drunk
by c-dav May 19, 2004
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this word was being said less and less in the hallways of Hanover High until a young "girl" by the name of Carmen A decided that she'd say before and/or after every single sentence. usually it is said in a gay, i'm a 12 year old girl on helium voice which drives me and drew into random fits of craziness because we cannot take her madness anymore
oh my gosh guys!! i got last in my track meet yesterday because i was running so slow because nick wanted me to get rugburns on my knees and oh my gosh guys i didn't even know what that meant oh my gosh guys i'm hungry!!
by c-dav May 21, 2004
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negrosity is how black someone is. lance lemon is low on the negrosity level, however treyvon is very high because he constantly sports retro sports gear (with matching hat), is dark as night, and could beat the crap out of any1 in our school besides maybe brandon pinson
my negrosity level when i rap goes down, because i'm extremely white and it just sounds flat out gay
by c-dav May 19, 2004
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a 10th grade history teacher who ever since getting engaged has gotten...eeeevil. she has on numerous occasions yelled at me/drew for random things that i cannot explain.
bobby boucher (from the Waterboy): smed-dawgs are only angry cause they gots all them teeth and no toothbrush
colonal sanders: wrrrrrong again bobby. smed-dawgs are angry because of the medula engagata
by c-dav May 6, 2004
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during the inaugural year of hanover high, coach just was an inspirtational and influentual person to many of us. since then he has truly become the anally retentive person we knew he always was and refuses to carry on a conversation with any of his former oceanography students past "DAVIS" or "SULLIVAN." team just was created last may during a friendly church youth group game of laser qWest. by the way we weren't playing at the one on 19th street in the heart of the ghetto of the hood of richmond. there were no black people. it sucked. anyways, during this church scrimmage, myself, mills, pinson, hausenfluck, and chad aka cashmuny decided to form an alliance much like that naked guy richard and rudy did in the first Survivor. our alliance could not be stopped for one reason. we would yell out battle cries after every kill. that battle cry was "TEAM JUST!11!1"

to commemorate (spelling) this momentous occasion i purchased a $5 dogtag in chicago which reads "c-dav hanover high team just." i wear it around my neck to remind myself of the struggle my fellow white brethren faced as we conquered impossible odds of overthrowing the Carmen/Nick Wisner alliance that was steadily becoming the worst duo ever to be created.
"team just 4ever!11!1"
by c-dav January 20, 2005
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master of the chauds cock is fatter than it is long haha!!!
reid fearnow (he said he chauded my mom so guess so!)
by c-dav November 11, 2003
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