verb : to show traits of an inbred, mountainous, lice-ridden being; to show severe signs of intoxication after only small amounts of alcohol.
Mrs. Tate said that Alex is Cullinaning"
by Bobby Cemprola February 19, 2003
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becoming a waste of a life, as drew says. also, a waste of a person. this "man" does absolutely nothing with his life besides roam around the deserted hallways of hanover high during class and puff the magic dragon
alex cullinan is cullinaning again, look drew there he is sleeping/roaming/high/drunk
by c-dav May 19, 2004
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john hoard and bobby cemprolla making up retarded words cuz they have no life!
by dumbass finder February 22, 2003
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kicking the shit out of john and bobby for the sheer fun of it
i jus cullinaned bobby and john so bad they both died of internal bleeding
by onepissedoffmofo February 20, 2003
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Somebody who operates at high speeds for days
slow down you faggot, you are acting like a Cullinan
by Sam Ashworth September 22, 2003
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Someone who has jewish hair and decides that it is cooler to straighten it.
WOW! Look at Gabe with skinny jeans, a ADTR Shirt, and Cullinane Hair!
by nosaJhahaitsdislyxic March 29, 2010
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A person who enjoys the smell of their own farts.
" eww, how could you sit in your own cropdust. You're such a Cullinane."
by Fuzzbagz July 23, 2015
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