A 21-38 year old male that weighs about 40-80kg living in his mom's basement that doesn't allow memes in #general.
Person 1: no memes in #general
Person 2: Can you shut the fuck up?
Person 1: admin disrespect!!! !ban @person 2 admin disrespect
Person 2: What a discord mod.
by Fizzzyy February 11, 2021
“Actually a discord mod, holy shit” (In reference to finding out that someone is a groomer)
by Maxse December 1, 2020
(Mod is short for moderator)
Definition: A 21-38 year old harry virgin male that weighs about 40-80kg who lives in his mom's basement that doesn't allow memes in #general. They have more blubber than a walrus and know every single anime. EVER. They have at LEAST masterbaited 100000000000 times in there life and simp for egirls or anime girls. They have no hobbies or personality. They sit in front of the computer making sure stupid rules are followed. But we all know that whenever the 13 year girl joins the server, they ask for nudes. When confronted they will use all there power to mute or ban you from the server. They say they were not asking for nudes, they just wanted to get a cupcake.
GOD DAMMIT, the discord mod just banned me because i called him out for being a pedophile.
by U/Frosty_Cry_825 June 12, 2021
A combo of obesity, not moving from their computers 24/7, clamming they have at least 12 girlfriends, and repeating that process
“You see that guy over there in the house? He looks like a discord mod.”
by Cheese10011 September 17, 2021
A fat 30 year old man in his mom's basement living on ramen as a weeb and knows every anime to exist and goes insane when you don't follow discord rules
"Yo I bet your a discord mod loser"
"Shut up and follow the rules"
by A Pimp Named Sickback January 17, 2021
Fat, Oily, Disgusting person that usually sits behind his/her keyboard and type "Don't post memes in general" all day.
"Hey bro, look at this discord mod"

"who? this oily piece of human being?"
by I_am_stupid_as_F July 1, 2021
Someone with no life that everyone hates, because they enforce the rules that no one ever reads. However, when Discord Mod Applications come around, they become a favorite.
“Fuck you! You’re probably a discord mod!”

Mod applications are open.”

“Oh my god, you’re my favorite person ever!”
by BosscoreGaming December 10, 2020