a really stupid name for a walk that girls say guys do. It usually involves pants that show a guys ass crack and pubes. Most hot guys don't do this walk but if a girl ever says your man does.. Bitch slap the whore across the face, because that is an insult
like a penguin with pants that are all the way down to his ass crack. They ten to waddle with there shoulders hunched over and hands in there pockets. And that is a dude walk.
by Velma Dinkly December 16, 2006
When a man wakes up in a woman's home after a drunken, wild, anonymous sexual encounter and must then walk by a full, stinky, dirty, diaper bin or dirty, stinky, cat litter box in the morning to leave.
Dude, I got drunk at the bar last night, had a one-night stand and woke up is a cute girl's house and had to "Dude's Walk of Shame" by her cat's stinky litter box. Won't be calling her anytime soon!
by iLobbyist November 19, 2016