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When an insect flies into the mouth of a black reporter while he tries to talk to the camera, he's gonna fear dying in this fucking country-ass fucked-up town and wants to get the fuck out this country, motherfucker. He also can't seewee.
Shit. I'm dyin in this fucking country-ass fucked-up town. Shit flyin in my mouth. What the fuck. I can't see palla. Let's get the fuck out this country, motherfucker. I can't seewee.
by bumarse November 4, 2009
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Being bi-winning is a state of awesomeness, only accessible to Charlie Sheen (and probably Chuck Norris).

A person is said to be bi-winning if he is winning here and winning there, now what.
Reporter: Your anger and your hate is coming of as erratic to people.
Bi-winner: Passion! My passion.
Reporter: Your passion is coming of as erratic to people. Some say you're bi-polar
Bi-winner: I'm bi-winning. I win here and I win there. Now what?
by bumarse March 6, 2011
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1. An african-american who was previously convicted and is therefore not considered 'clean' anymore.
2. A state when there are feces on an african-american.
1. Yo, my man, Orville is one real bad ass motherfuckin' OG, motherfucker. Dere's some serious shizzle on da nizzle, homie.
2. I crapped dem negro on da head, dere some shizzle on da nizzle.
by bumarse November 7, 2009
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A politician who is full of shit. Which basically makes it a synonym for politician.
That Obama dude is just another polishitan.
by bumarse October 19, 2009
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1. If a gay person has an erection, he has a gay boner.
2. If any person has an erection that resembles a gay persons erection, it can be considered a gay boner.
Earnest (gay): Oh Herby, I have such a gay boner.
Herby (not gay): I have a gay boner too, Earnest.
by bumarse October 23, 2009
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Any black person who likes rap music (especially gangsta rap) and/or is part of the black gang youth culture.
It's a pun that utilizes the fact that shizzle can mean "shit" as well as "sure". So while to some "shizzle nizzle" describes somebody who says "for shizzle my nizzle", it actually means "that fuckin idiot of a shit nigger".
Erwin is a fuckin shizzle nizzle.
by bumarse October 25, 2009
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The behind of a British bum. Can be used to describe a person from Great Britain.
"Ey mate, bloody cold outside, ey?"
"Dude, you're such a bum arse."
by bumarse October 16, 2009
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