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to eat, sleep, drink, live and die a University of Kentucky Basketball fan.

a disease that has infected thousands upon thousands of people across the United States, as well as people on other continents.
Greg: Whoa, I never knew Sherry was into basketball that much.
Jay: Dude, Sherry eats, sleeps, drinks, lives and dies UK Basketball, she definitely bleeds blue!
by Btchalorette July 13, 2011

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guy who thinks that he's God's gift to women and a cassanova but when in reality he's an ass
Tonia: Girl did you see Jim strutting his stuff outside the Platinum Gold bar?

Stephanie: Yeah, he thinks he's hot but he's really an assanova!
by btchalorette July 30, 2011

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drama loving person, one who thrives on the constant upset of lifes surprises, person who loves to argue and bicker
by Btchalorette January 29, 2012

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a person who is pale or white as a ghost
Janet: I really need to get a tan, I'm so white!

Patty: Girl, you're not white, you're casperesque!
by btchalorette July 30, 2011

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a person whom regularly commits the act of making a typo, usually in a chatroom setting.
TheRollingDice3: What wuld be the best way of flieing from NJ to Fl?

Btchalorette: Dice, please learn how to spell and type, I'm tired of you Typo Terrorist that don't know how to use spell check!
by Btchalorette October 08, 2011

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lady of ill repute from Canada, prostitute, hooker from Canada, canadian whore
Wow! Teri, that canooker, made $500 in an hour on the corner of Ontario and Elk drive in Mississauga last night.
by Btchalorette July 20, 2011

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