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SOCOM 2: US Navy SEALs is a tactical military squad shooter exclusively for the PlayStation 2. It is created by Zipper Interactive and supported/published by Sony.

The game attempts to mock missions SEALs would actually carry out, which ultimately ends up with the SEALs fighitng the terrorists of the world in war-torn environments, or other terrorist infested areas.

It's third-person view makes it unique from other shooters. What makes it such a huge success is it's outstanding online mode.

In conclusion, SOCOM 2 pwns.
-I like Counter-Strike because it's fun!
-Your queer! SOCOM is for REAL MEN!
by Brooksie August 03, 2005

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They sing "I come from a Land down under"
Man, everytime I listen to that song, it makes me feel I'm watching a beautiful Australian sunset, dirnking a cold one.
by Brooksie October 21, 2004

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The third installment to the hit series, SOCOM 3: US Navy SEALs will have a much more immersive single player. It features streaming technology in which the levels will be 10 times larger, enemies will be in much more abundance, and hopefully a better framerate.

New features include full weapon customization, an array of vehicles modified for war (hummer, SOC-R assault boat, or as simple as a truck with mounted machine gun), swimming and going underwater, new teammate commands, and 32 player online with new game modes.
SOCOM 3 will be the most kick ass game the PlayStation 2 will ever see.
by Brooksie August 03, 2005

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Reference to the silly and often lackadaisical behavior of Red Sox outfielder Manny Ramirez. Although Manny is one of the top players on the team, this phrase is generally not used to describe his good play.
Fan 1: Did you see Manny space out and drop that fly ball last night?
Fan 2: Yep. ::sigh:: Manny being Manny.
by Brooksie May 22, 2006

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SOCOM II is the best online game for the PS2. It is an over-the-shoulder Military Shooter based off Navy SEALs and their operations.
The most popular online console game.
Operativ is the best SOCOM II player there is.

Ghost Recon 2 doesn't have shit on SOCOM II.
by Brooksie October 18, 2004

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Very often, a pro-lifer is a bible beater without a grasp on anything except their futile task of trying scientifically prove a book without risking disproving it. These people can sometimes be seen parading around with the pictures of those who bomb abortion clinics and shoot abortion doctors. It's a good thing they're not Islamic terrorists parading pictures of THEIR "martyrs" around, right? Riiiiiiight.
Some broad:"My mom used to take me to rallies when I was little and we'd block abortion clinics."
Me:"I'm sorry."
Some broad:"Why?"
Me:"Because my mom probably hit your mom."
by Brooksie February 23, 2005

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A girl that makes you feel AMAZING while you have her, but she always leaves you wanting more and in the end, she disappears.
Snowblind: I think I'm falling for Betty, man.

Straight: Don't, dude. She's a Cocaine Cowgirl. Just enjoy it while it lasts and try not to miss it when it's gone.
by Brooksie January 25, 2011

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