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A particular method of masturbation whereby the male (or female) lies on their back with their legs up against a vertical surface thereby allowing the consequence of their resulting ejaculation to cascade over their upper body and/or face.
He was having a quick jubba and ended up with a face like an iced bun.
by Asian Mikey December 08, 2008
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Also spelled jubbah. No relation to Jabba the Hutt. Origin: in this definition, from Marshal Bruce Mathers the Third's usage in "Just Lose It" from the album Encore. Apparent meanings include:

1) interjection used to fill units (syllables) in a rap line
2) interjection indicating relative contentment with the situation
3) interjection indicating apathy, on the same lines as the French je m'en fou, the German machts nicht, and the English whatev.
1. Snap back to reality/Oh, you saw me at the battle/I'm a grown man, jubba, jubba, jubba, jubba, jubba, jubba, jubba, jubba/I don't have any lines to go right here so, jubba, jubba/Tell me fellas (what) fellas (what)/Grab your left nut, make your right one jealous (what)

2. A: It's sunny and warm out, man...geez, I'm so glad winter's over.
B: Jubba.

3. Emma: Chris! Keegan's chasing me! Help!

Chris: Jubba jubba...
by Fireball FIve March 31, 2005
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A male by the name of Jonathan. (In ubbi Dubbi, Jonathan = Juba-nuba-thuban, shortened to Jubba). Jubbas express displeasure to something by making a pitiful moaning sound known as a "boo". Jubbas below the age of 13 are known as "Jub Jubs", jubbas from the ages of 13-19 are known as "Jubbes", and Jubbas above the age of 19 as "Jubbas". Jubba is also a collective term apllied to all members of the group.
See the sad jubba booing! It makes you want to cry.
by Daphne "Flubish" B January 21, 2004
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A male who enjoys dancing on podiums whilst drinking raspberry and vodkas. Often seen in random night clubs in the vicinity of westfield southland. A dodgey character at the best of times.
Look at Jubba, slaughtered again and dancing to 'dirty'.
by brooksie September 01, 2003
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