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well, my grandmother really did go to college... is that bad?
I came to urbandictionary.com looking for the meaning behind this insult, and no one knows, making it the most retarded insult, ever.
by Brooksie March 22, 2005
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1. Any place where your skeet can land and be contained within. This includes the mouth, female genitalia, or the anus.

2. A device used in shotgun sport shooting that launches orange clay discs.
1. Tommy blew it in Jimmy's skeet trap, and I ain't talkin' 'bout his mouth either.

2. I think that skeet trap is broken- my clay birds aren't launching.
by Brooksie October 17, 2005
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A male who enjoys dancing on podiums whilst drinking raspberry and vodkas. Often seen in random night clubs in the vicinity of westfield southland. A dodgey character at the best of times.
Look at Jubba, slaughtered again and dancing to 'dirty'.
by Brooksie September 1, 2003
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Wow, I yelled at that one retarded kid in the wheelchair and I gave him a Dragonball Z.
by Brooksie October 19, 2004
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Bud Light, but for studs.
Travis, Will, Mat, Rich, and Joe all brought Stud Lights to the party.
by Brooksie January 1, 2007
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When you zip yourself into a sleeping bag and you have two gay guys fight to see who rips a hole in the bag first to fuck you
My friends from San Francisco invited me for a Mexican dish called the San Fran Chalupa, but now my sleeping bag isn't water proof and my intestines are due for a sonogram in two months
by Brooksie September 4, 2019
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The third installment to the hit series, SOCOM 3: US Navy SEALs will have a much more immersive single player. It features streaming technology in which the levels will be 10 times larger, enemies will be in much more abundance, and hopefully a better framerate.

New features include full weapon customization, an array of vehicles modified for war (hummer, SOC-R assault boat, or as simple as a truck with mounted machine gun), swimming and going underwater, new teammate commands, and 32 player online with new game modes.
SOCOM 3 will be the most kick ass game the PlayStation 2 will ever see.
by Brooksie August 3, 2005
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