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When you zip yourself into a sleeping bag and you have two gay guys fight to see who rips a hole in the bag first to fuck you
My friends from San Francisco invited me for a Mexican dish called the San Fran Chalupa, but now my sleeping bag isn't water proof and my intestines are due for a sonogram in two months
by Brooksie September 04, 2019
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The embodiment of the squandered hopes of generations of Red Sox fans. Tony C., born in Revere MA, was the a star player of the Sox' "Impossible Dream" team in 1967 and was hit in the eye with a pitch, taking him out for a year and a half. He made a good comeback the year of his return but because of the injury he was never the same. Later he had a heart attack from which he never recovered fully and died while in a coma in 1990. The Red Sox have since instituted the Tony Conigliaro award for players who have overcome adversity, and Major League Baseball started making helmets with the now standard protective earflap.
Tony Conigliaro broke the American League record as the youngest player to reach 100 home runs.
by Brooksie May 22, 2006
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In America, the word townie is generally used to refer to people who are deeply rooted in their home town and have little or no prospects of leaving it even to go on vacation (except perhaps Aruba or the Bahamas). Generally, they don't go to college except perhaps to community college where they take one or two classes a semester. They or their families probably own a small business, perhaps paving or landscaping. Many of them frequent cheap, dirty bars that have nothing but Bud Light on tap. Some may be heard drunkenly babbling about how Arabs are taking the country by means of their ownership of countless gas stations and convenience stores. The word townie is also sometimes used by hipster douchebags to take shots at people over their accent and how they choose to spend their time.
Sacramentan: So what do you do for fun in Massachusetts?

Me: Red Sox, poker; I'm a bit of a music-

Sacramentan: "Red Sahx"? "Pokah"? What are you, a fucking townie?

Me: Actually, I have a real job, I go to college full-time, my dad doesn't have a landscaping company, and I don't plan to live on the Irish Riviera forever. -You shouldn't be so quick to judge people. I didn't call you a pretentious hipster douchebag just because you wear thick-rimmed glasses and listen to indie music on your iPod while you ride your fixie to the coffee shop.- (- -: I wish I had actually said that part)
by Brooksie January 23, 2009
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SOCOM 2: US Navy SEALs is a tactical military squad shooter exclusively for the PlayStation 2. It is created by Zipper Interactive and supported/published by Sony.

The game attempts to mock missions SEALs would actually carry out, which ultimately ends up with the SEALs fighitng the terrorists of the world in war-torn environments, or other terrorist infested areas.

It's third-person view makes it unique from other shooters. What makes it such a huge success is it's outstanding online mode.

In conclusion, SOCOM 2 pwns.
-I like Counter-Strike because it's fun!
-Your queer! SOCOM is for REAL MEN!
by Brooksie August 03, 2005
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The guy above me still can't be good at SOCOM even though it takes no talent.
I don't like SOCOM 2 because I suck at it. I'd rather play Counter-Strike and beat off to Hentai

SOCOM 2 > urbandictionary.com
by Brooksie October 18, 2004
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The third installment to the hit series, SOCOM 3: US Navy SEALs will have a much more immersive single player. It features streaming technology in which the levels will be 10 times larger, enemies will be in much more abundance, and hopefully a better framerate.

New features include full weapon customization, an array of vehicles modified for war (hummer, SOC-R assault boat, or as simple as a truck with mounted machine gun), swimming and going underwater, new teammate commands, and 32 player online with new game modes.
SOCOM 3 will be the most kick ass game the PlayStation 2 will ever see.
by Brooksie August 03, 2005
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SOCOM II is the best online game for the PS2. It is an over-the-shoulder Military Shooter based off Navy SEALs and their operations.
The most popular online console game.
Operativ is the best SOCOM II player there is.

Ghost Recon 2 doesn't have shit on SOCOM II.
by Brooksie October 18, 2004
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