6 definitions by brewskis

of a low level of skill
man that team is strugglin
by brewskis January 11, 2005
someone who uses this website to say things they are too much of a pansy bitch to say in person.
w is strugglin because they talk about sucking themself.
by brewskis February 9, 2005
1. The remark made when an individual reaches a moment of bliss through extreme chilling, usually in the midst of or following smoking the chronic.
2. Expressing great happiness after learning of good news.
Brewskis: Yo I brought down some pizza
Pop: Nice Dude Nice

Pop: Oh i just found another pound of white rhino.
Brewskis: Nice Dude Nice

When sitting two rows behind the sixers bench at a sixers cavs game.
by brewskis January 25, 2005
1. Like a POTATO (Eric Bourassa)
Damn, Potato is glistening, what a butt pirate
by brewskis January 25, 2005
Whus really good pluh?
by brewskis January 25, 2005
Someone (tato) gets romped in any form, therefor going from a fresh potato to one which has been peeled, taking away his dignity
After such a gay remark; "You peeled potato."
by brewskis January 25, 2005