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the act of giving an urbandictionary definition a thumbs up on your work computer, home computer, and your iPhone every day. it certainly does add up after a while.
Fred kept thumb boosting his definition of "love" every day for 2 years until it had the 5th most thumbed up definition of the word.
by brett69xxx September 23, 2009

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Foul Bachelor Frog. An Advice Dog Spin-off. One of the only good ones, since almost all /b/tards can relate.
Oh wow, another FBF thread. Haven't seen one of these in fucking 10 minutes.
by brett69xxx June 28, 2010

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internet acronym for Bitch Get The Fuck Out.
used most commonly when you want someone out of your chat but he/she wont get the fuck out, in which case you say bgtfo. also can be used as B,GTFO when you want more emphasis on the "Bitch"
me: cmon ashley i just want to talk to my gf in private for a little while can you plzz leave the chat for a bit??

ashley: no i wanna listen to all this drama!!

me: cmon plzz

ashley: no!!

me: you know what? ive had enough of this shit. BGTFO

ashley1564 has left the chat
by brett69xxx August 24, 2009

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how the letter f is pronounced by most black people. made famous by the youtube video "Unbelievably Stupid Woman on Wheel Of Fortune".
Black male: Mah favrit letta o da alfubet is da letta ay-uf.
by brett69xxx September 03, 2009

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an imaginary place somewhere on earth that is said to be excruciatingly hot. invented by old people.
grandma: my goodness, its hotter than blue blazes in here!
me: where is blue blazes?
grandma: i don't know, but i'm guessing its somewhere hot.
by brett69xxx September 23, 2009

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a restaurant parody of "tgi Friday's". hopefully someday someone will make an actual restaurant out of it.
Guy1: tgi Friday's is one of my favorite restaurants.
Guy2: dude, that place is sooooo last year. ih8 Monday's is whats in.
by brett69xxx October 02, 2009

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Yeah You Are!
originating from amirite.net, where it signifies a thumbs up, apposed to "nw", or "no way!"
Brett is the coolest guy on amirite.net, amirite?

by brett69xxx October 07, 2010

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