(verb): to succeed at doing something by luck or otherwise less than honorable means. A fluke. Most often used in sports. Like if you shank a golf shot, but it somehow goes in the hole anyway. Or if you call swish, but then the basketball miraculously goes off the backboard and through the hoop.
WTF? I can't believe you scrotered that last shot into the basket.
Clint Dempsey totally scrotered that ball past Robert Green in the World Cup.
by brentmcd April 11, 2011
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1. A laceration on the scrotum most commonly caused by manscaping or rogue fly zippers.
Jill: Why do you keep grimacing when you sit down Jack?
Jack: I gave myself a scroteration last night
Jill: You gave yourself a what now?
Jack: FFS! I cut my ballbag shaving woman!
by Mr W to the R to the C November 25, 2011
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Someone who looks,smells,and acts like a scrotum.. but isnt quite there yet
Yo oyu see that kid Dave right? Well he is a reall scroter
by crackedoutfatman October 30, 2003
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(Verb) the act of having the scrotum gargled while receiving oral sex.
The fine lady with the blackberry was giving me terrible head last night. GOD bless her. But then she proceeded to scroter-boat me. It was a fucking game changer.
by Trap god September 19, 2013
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