7 definitions by boosh chugger

1. the Chinese doppleganger of Dick Lugar
2. one of the coolest nicknames ever- representing all the fun of phallus with the power of firearms
3. a guy who sprays his manly juices all over when he cums, instead of in a clean stream
1. wow that chinese guy looks a lot like that dick lugar guy. guess his name is wang shotgun
2. Bro 1: I want an awesome nickname, something that says "I have a dick so big it can kill someone"
Bro 2: How about Wang Shotgun
Bros 1&2: EXTREME!!
3. chick 1: How was that guy you hooked up with last night?
chick 2: EW! He was a total Wang Shotgun I had to wash my hair twice!
Bros 1&2: EXTREME!!
by boosh chugger May 11, 2009
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the shittiest beer ever. bringing it with you is an automatic party foul
What the fuck man u got bush lite? How fucking poor are u that shit tastes like nasty-ass rotten beer got strained through a sweaty jockstrap then recanned!!
by boosh chugger May 27, 2009
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1. Dick Lugar's name if he was a gangster.
2. Great name for a pornstar gangster.
3. A guy who's like a derringer revolver--a little small but plenty powerful.
1. Bro 1: Wouldn't it be cool if Dick Lugar ran the mob in Indiana?
Bro 2: He'd have to change his name to Chubby Derringer.
Bros 1&2: EXTREME!!!

2. I need a good name for the mob boss in this porno I'm writing....Chubby Derringer!!

3. Chick 1: So how was that guy you hooked up with last night?
Chick 2: OMFG incredible he was like a chubby derringer!
Bros 1&2(sadly, because they're just plain small from all the steroids): extreme.....
by boosh chugger May 11, 2009
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1. excuse to leave a private party to go get sucked off

2. some mysterious errand johnny goes to do in the middle of the night

3. sneaky segue to go have a private conversation
1. Bro 1: Where u goin bro the party's just starting?
Bro 2: I'm gonna go buy a bag of chips...
Bros 1&2: EXTREME!!

2. Johnny: I have to go run an errand.
Travis (drunk): Bullshit dude we're having a party!?
Johnny (douchey): Fuck you guys I gotta go.
Joe (pretty buzzed): Well bring back some chips!
Johnny: Yeah, yeah, I'm gonna go buy a bag of chips.

3. Well it looks like we're running low on snacks, we're just gonna go buy a bag of chips
by boosh chugger May 27, 2009
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seriously I can't believe i'm the first person to put this in...
then again its not really an urban word...

n. party of close friends with few if any outsiders, typically in someone's house/basement/garage/apartment above the garage. typically involves large amounts of alcohol and shenanigans
that time we hung out in Rachel's aunts garage and got so blasted on jello shots, had Sir Nicklington run the gauntlet and boosh chugger chugged a bush lite and puked gloriously on video.....THAT was a private party.
by boosh chugger May 27, 2009
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1.Garage band name Dick Lugar came up while totally munted one night. Decided to go with it since he'd already ordered t-shirts.

2.A guy with incredible sexual stamina, as in he can shoot six times before he needs to reload.
1. How y'all doin tonight Greater Indianapolis Senior Center!? We are Dong Revolver, and we're here to rock!

2.Chick 1: So how great was that guy we double-teamed last night?
Chick 2: Holy shit I thought he'd never run out of energy he was like a dong revolver!
by boosh chugger May 11, 2009
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oral sex, whether it be consensual or not ei: "a conversation with his/her privates"

1) often used in euphemism to ask if someone would like to give you for oral sex.

2) alternatively, a covert way to inform someone that you are quite displeased with someone and would like to shove your privates into their face
1) It's kindof crowded in here... you wanna go someplace else for a private conversation?

2) Nick: What are you guys whispering back there? Is it a private conversation?
Joe: How 'bout I come up there and shove my balls in your face? Then it'll be a private conversation!!
by boosh chugger May 5, 2009
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