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A very physically talented human being. He can shove oxycontin pills in his mouth while talking out of his A$$.
blah blah blah Democrats... Bill Clinton's Penis... blah blah blah. You're listening to the EIB Network.

Believes that drug users (non-violent too) should be locked behind bars and have the key thrown away.

I'm going to Rehab for a short vacation. -Rush paraphrased
by Booblover January 19, 2004
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A government organization that has started an ongoing war with the American people. Arrests people mostly for non-violent responsible drug use like Bob who smokes weed in his living room and supports the snack food industry. "If you do drugs, you support terrorism"... but alcohol, nicotine, oxycotin, caffine... is perfectly fine!
1. Holy shit! Another "crazy" pot smoker has got the munchies and is at the 7-11, better call the DEA and throw him in prison!

2. Another drug bust (complete with machine guns and helicopters) has seized a forest of pot plants in Humboldt County. They were probably for medicinal purposes, so the DEA burned all the plants! Thank Jesus for the DEA.

3. Remember kids... Pot leads to heroin! -D.A.R.E philosophy

Truth is good...
by Booblover November 27, 2003
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1. A man who can't tell the difference between a quail and his hunting partner.

2. Our Vice President
1. "Dick Cheney hit his hunting partner, Harry Whittington, in the face with shotgun pellets. Luckily, he is ok."

2. Dick is just one step away from being president. Thank Jesus George W. Bush is there instead.
by Booblover February 17, 2006
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A union between two consenting partners of the same sex, which is still unaccepted in many parts of the U.S.
The two women exchanged their gay marriage vows and then proceeded to have a romantic honeymoon together in which they expressed their passionate love for each other.
by Booblover February 17, 2006
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1. A US military operation that is designed to bring peace to the Iraqi people and restore an economic infrastructure. (Theoretically)

2. Stepping into a hornet's nest. (Thanks to the almost daily suicide bombings)

3. A slaughter of innocent civilian and soldier lives; waste of tax dollars out of your pocket to pay for bombs and other weapons designed to kill, kill, kill.

4. The door that opens the way to generate more wealth for the miserable and unfortunate billion dollar corporations (because the CEOs need bigger mansions and another yacht... boo hoo).
1. Operation Iraqi Freedom will be one of the best things the US has done for a foreign country since the Marshall Plan. (Ideally)

2. Bad idea.

3. Soldiers die (with honor I hope) and the ones that do survive go without pay while their family back home is starving. (Source: NBC News)

4. Greedy, money hungry corporations bid on another country that they get to exploit to fatten up their wallets.

Good idea or bad idea? I hope going after Saddam Hussein was worth the costs.
by Booblover November 14, 2003
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1. A bunch of cash

2. Huge ejaculation
He blew a money wad on her new set of tits.
by booblover May 31, 2010
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When you buy lap dances from almost every girl at the Chico, CA Centerfolds, get 2 double troubles on VIP night, spend the whole shift there telling the girls it's your Disneyland. Then you buy two of the girls vibrators at the sex store for Christmas only to invite your favorite girl to the Denny's to buy her food and fail to take her home because the grits took too long, but you get free dessert out of the deal.
Pedro pulled the Ultimate whore phail. Epa epa!
by booblover December 14, 2009
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