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When you buy lap dances from almost every girl at the Chico, CA Centerfolds, get 2 double troubles on VIP night, spend the whole shift there telling the girls it's your Disneyland. Then you buy two of the girls vibrators at the sex store for Christmas only to invite your favorite girl to the Denny's to buy her food and fail to take her home because the grits took too long, but you get free dessert out of the deal.
Pedro pulled the Ultimate whore phail. Epa epa!
by booblover December 14, 2009
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Something so delicious you nearly cream your pants/panties from overwhelming your senses with yumminess.
I was so happy that I found my ultimate flavor.
by booblover December 15, 2009
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1. A bunch of cash

2. Huge ejaculation
He blew a money wad on her new set of tits.
by booblover May 31, 2010
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1. In accounting, Gross profit = Net sales – Cost of goods sold.

2. When you say something is "gross" that disgusts you but then you say "profit" right after wards and your boss is happy.
1. The accounting department of the corporation calculated the Gross profit for the company.

2. The South Park Underpants Gnomes shouted "gross!" when they realized how many used underpants they had collected followed by a hearty/happy round of "profit!" when they realized their master plan was complete:

"Step 1: Collect underpants
Step 2: ???
Step 3: "Profit!" "
by booblover July 9, 2010
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1) Stevie Ray Vaughn's band. Rest in Peace SRV

2) To entice a couple exotic dancers into teaming up on you in the VIP room.
1) Blues music will never be quite the same without Double Trouble.

2) Oh wow, I have been having wet dreams for 3 weeks thanks to that Double Trouble I paid $25 for at Centerfolds.
by booblover November 29, 2009
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A law Congress passed that denies college financial aid to misdemeanor drug offenders, but murderers, rapists, and robbers are still eligible for aid.
I can't afford college because I got caught with a joint, but Jeffrey Dahmer can get aid because of the Higer Education Act.
by booblover October 26, 2003
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A Mexican version of essay. Your best bud for the dollar.
Hey esse. Please write my essay.
by booblover May 29, 2010
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