This is a severe profanity in Jamaican Patois, thought to originate from the supposed unsantity of the female period (blood clot). It can be used in many contexts, especialy to back up a strong statement. See also Rassclat, Rass
-Shut your BLOODCLAT mouth!
-He is getting on my BLOODCLAT nerves
by Kazzer September 20, 2006
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As many Jamaicans during my time in The Verne explained to me, Bloodclat does actually originate from a sanitary towel (blood + cloth).

Still not sure tho if it was a wind up them tellin me bomba clat meant bog roll!

Bless u guys :)
wha'da bloodclat dat screw doin nah?
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Jamaican patois slang for woman's sanitary towel, used as a derogatory descriptive term
by piffy June 12, 2003
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no its not a sanitary towel. its jamaican slang. it can be used to describe ure feelings. it can be used for many english words such as fuck or ass
what the blooclat, ill killhim bloodclat
by a jamaican June 15, 2004
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