33 definition by bob saget

a badass pimp with balls
Thank God for Zell Miller. Without him, I never would have realized that my personal beliefs are more important than the beliefs of my party, and I never would have been inspired to leave the Republican party, which has now become a conservative dictatorship.

Zell Miller showed me the light. He showed me that partisanship in this country is ridiculous and that middle-of-the-road voters get fucked up the ass by this fucking retarded two-party system.
by Bob Saget November 17, 2004

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Retard; i.e. One who is retarded.
We noticed a peel competing in last week's Special Olympics events.
by Bob Saget February 09, 2003

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she as in she
she smeels of sweaty gooch
by bob saget May 01, 2003

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the greatest shizdbidelyite of all time. he has wrinkeld green skin nad he teaches kids how to chop people up with a light enhanced saber.
wow look at that yoda with his blue light enhanced saber.
by bob saget June 21, 2004

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To run away from girls because you are afraid to talk to them.
Why does Fesh fesh all the time?
by Bob Saget January 27, 2003

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1. One who eats excessive amounts of pie
2. One who cooks excessive amounts of pie or crumpets
3. One who performs acts of freshieness
Andrew was not astonished once he came to the final conclusion that Pat is a Freshie.
by Bob Saget February 09, 2003

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