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A grudgeband is a devoted husband and father working around the clock to maintain the lifestyle of his Parkie wife and children. Grudgebands could put in a short 40 hour week with significantly less stress if they lived in Plano but his family prefers the Park Cities. A grudgeband could care less where he lives because the intense travel and 13 hour days leave no time to enjoy his home or community.

Grudgebands are married to highly educated women who had paying jobs before the internet really caught on. Though their wives have an e-mail address, they don’t know how to attach documents and always say the “www” part before giving a web address.

Grudgebands are powerful in the business world but when given the rare opportunity to show up at home, check their freedom at the door. His wife has signed him up to move heavy items for a charity event she leads while he’s at the office.

Though he deeply respects her role, he’s grown tired of her filibuster about the difficulty of taking care of the kids while he lives a glamorous life downtown. He secretly fantasizes about the day he’ll scream so loud the neighbors can hear, “How hard can it be, you have a nanny, a housekeeper and no job.”
The grudgeband lost his biggest client but his wife still donated a load of cash to charity and remodeled the kitchen.
by blog.peoplenewspapers.com November 06, 2007
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A name for residents of Dallas, Texas who wish they lived in the high dollar Park Cities area so they have a habit of saying, “I live just outside Highland Park” or “I live near the Park Cities.”
That nauxparkie lives all the way out in Frisco but she said she lived near Highland Park.
by blog.peoplenewspapers.com November 06, 2007
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A resident of the super-chic Park Cities area of Dallas, Texas that is famous among locals in Highland Park and University Park.
It's hard to get a coffee date with Carol since she became a Parklebrity.
by blog.peoplenewspapers.com January 20, 2008
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A mom that strictly enforces her healthy eating habits on everyone around her including the children of friends and neighbors. Before allowing her child to go to a friends house, she makes sure that the household is organic.

Though nutrimoms are common in many parts of the country, there is a hyper concentration in the Park Cities area of Dallas, Texas.
That nutrimom complained so the school cafeteria stopped serving tater tots.
by blog.peoplenewspapers.com November 06, 2007
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A mother that is also a professional school volunteer and takes it way too seriously. Often defined by her sassy casserole recipes and strong opposition to contributing to household income, volamoms should not be confused with soccer moms or parkie moms.

Though she typically holds a high office, she is not even closely related to the standard hardworking PTA mom. She is more powerful and less fashion-forward.

One of the most significant characteristics of a volamom is her nonexistent sense of humor. Everything in her world is profoundly businesslike, complex, and committee-oriented.

Volamoms are very common in the Park Cities area of Dallas, Texas.
I'm screening my calls because a volamom is after me to join a committee.
by blog.peoplenewspapers.com November 06, 2007
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