University Park is an affluent residential area named for its main feature, Southern Methodist University. Campus venues include McFarlin Auditorium, a stately theater for concerts and high-profile lectures, and the Meadows Museum, with Spanish art from the 15th century onward. Sandwich shops, laid-back cafes and fashion boutiques surround Snider Plaza, while nearby Caruth Park has a fishing pond and play areas.
University Park is a residential area in the city of Dallas, TX.
by DictionaryWifi February 18, 2019
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A very dope little town in PG County, Maryland under 5 miles from the D.C. border. Technically a part of Hyattsville but has its own government and police force who mostly drive around trying to find kids smoking weed. A Whole Foods just opened right by UP and a lot of residents are very health conscious. Trees everywhere, a creek running through the woods, nice single family houses, peaceful vibe. Everyone looks out for each other. Has become very expensive though. Most people commute to DC for their government jobs, are professors at UMD, or retired. A place where families cooexist with intellectuals, pretentious soccer moms driving Mercedes and aging hippies. Its sandwhiched between Hyattsville proper and College Park. Teens are always drunk. Always a good time to throw down in UP.
"Where are you from?"
"PG County."
"Oh shit...isnt it like really ghetto there?"
"Nah man, I live in University Park."
"Oh word."
by earthlingsforchange September 09, 2018
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a small suburb of dallas, often called up, which connected to highland park is known as the park cities. an exclusive neighborhood where the kids drive expensive cars, the girls are all gorgeous straighten their hair and strike that hair-to-the-side-elbow-out parkie pose, and the guys are all athletic and wear polos board shorts and flip flops many of them being laxbros with flo. however, the parents who are doctors and lawyers are all rich because they worked hard to be rich. all houses are well over a million dollars still up is awesomer than highland park. was ranked number 1 suburb of dallas in 2009 by d magazine; hp was number 7. university park is where everyone is christian, white, and southern and kids go to hp which is awesome or otherwise a rich snobby school like esd or hockaday. people even have rich-sounding weird names like shanley or brinkley. all the girls shop at snider plaza; cotton island, impeccable pig, spice, spicy II, then grab a cookie from jd's or a donut from mustangs. everyone is refered to as "parkies."
Boy 1: "bro, check out that hawt up girl."
Boy 2: "oh i kno man, i kno. parkie all the way. university park gurls are always better than highland park girls."
by parkiegurl January 20, 2011
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A really cool liberal arts college that isn't JUST known for it's dancers, but for it's photographers, forensic science majors, and all the other weird ones in between (ie funeral services).

Yes, we do have many Gay people and Divas. BUT we have equal number on NON-DIVAS.

And our symbol is super cool. Not to mention, we have a super small campus that kicks ass.
I major in funeral services at Point Park University.

I'm an aspiring photographer and attend Point Park University.
by ppugirl January 31, 2011
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1. A university that concentrates on Dance and Musical theater. Has an over abundance of Fag Hags and Divas.

2. A University in downtown pittsburgh that offers degrees in performing arts and has a really ugly symbol.
1. I am a male, I am going for musical theater, and enjoy dick in my ass hole. I go to Point Park University.

2. I go to Point Park to major in Cinema and Digital Arts. No I am not gay.
by Girlisagun June 21, 2007
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