4 definitions by big anna

1. Referring to a masterbating male.

2. Referring to a homosexual male.

3. Referring to a homeless man named Richard, who can't get any pussy.
a. "Little Johnny is going through puberty, now we have to watch for him in the bathroom. He's a testical diddler."

b. "Look at those testical diddlers!"

c. "I lost my job, what if I become a testical diddler?!"
by big anna January 01, 2010
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1. One who munches fetus'.
2. A label used towards Africans who practice the sick ritual of fetus munching.
"That fetus muncher looks like he's full."

"Hell yeah, he's been munching fetus all day!"
by big anna December 29, 2009
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label for a homosexual male. Also, used to achieve a great sense of dislike or hatred for a shit-talker.
he really needs to shut his piss lips, or he's gonna get his ass kicked.
by big anna December 28, 2009
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Term that refers to the penis of a small person or midget. The antonym of a shlong.
How do you know he doesn't have a shlong?

Look at him, he's a midget! He's gotta have a shlort!
by big anna December 29, 2009
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