1. Lips that are soaked in piss, either because the person in question drank piss or was pissed on by another person
2. The outer labia of the vagina
1. Hey, piss lips. I hope you liked that golden shower.
2. Excuse me, ma'am. May I caress your piss lips?
by Ryan K-Dogg October 17, 2006
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someone who partakes in the practice of pissing on their own lips, or asking others to do it for them
call him piss lips, don't say i said it though - burnt face man
you piss lips!
you sir/madam are a piss lips
by Herby-666 July 28, 2007
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lips that are covered in piss after performing some sort of sickening fetish related sexual act.
"that was a great session dear. oh dear. you've got piss lips!"
by shackadeemus August 24, 2005
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label for a homosexual male. Also, used to achieve a great sense of dislike or hatred for a shit-talker.
he really needs to shut his piss lips, or he's gonna get his ass kicked.
by big anna December 28, 2009
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