16 definitions by bianca

1)Sexy, Fine
2)The way a guy calls a girl if she is sexy.
-Look at that chula over their, she's fine.
-Ay chula come here.
by bianca April 15, 2004
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A less insulting way of something. For example, people call others bitch casually. Manchee is a casual insult, but you know that the manchee caller is joking.
My friend ran away with my book. She was a manchee.
by bianca February 11, 2005
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when you feel as if you're obligated to go out on a date with someone. I.E: a blind date, an old boy/girlfriend or just someone who has the funds to feed you for one night.
"Sorry Julie, I woud love to go out with you Friday night but the ex keeps calling and wanting to hang out with me, I have an oblidate."

"Josh isn't that cute or funny but I sure am hungry. I guess an oblidate is in order."
by bianca October 18, 2006
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just doing yo thang (pimpin)

used in tampa, FL
heard in the song "keep jukin'" by Tampa Tony
last night at the club that boy was jukin

keep jukin -- they lookin
by bianca February 17, 2005
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-acting all crazy.
-That girl is goin' hiphey on her baby daddy's ass, now she's askin' fo child support.
-He goin hiphey wit that hypnotic.
by bianca April 15, 2004
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1. to be on your way

2. to get your feet moving

3. to begin the action of doing
"you read to go Jake... well get along little doggies"
by bianca April 08, 2004
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