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1)Sexy, Fine
2)The way a guy calls a girl if she is sexy.
-Look at that chula over their, she's fine.
-Ay chula come here.
by BIANCA April 15, 2004
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Gorgeous, bella, super beautiful, lovely, super attractive, more than cute, super cute. The person, place or thing must be female in gender.
Example: Come here you Chula.

Translates: Come here you gorgeous female.
by Daisy72 May 22, 2011
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means cute or sexy in spanish. A girl that is hot, somewhat lady like.... sometimes, but shes always down for her shit
"look there goes the ONE AND ONLY chula wit her bff beautiful, wait where's ryno?"
by LA CHULA408 October 31, 2006
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a word that means a cute girl. rumor has it that it orginated from the word true love. hispanics got a song that contained the words "my true love" and interpreted it as "my chulo" or "my chula"
by nebulus March 02, 2005
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I know that is not usually used in english urban talk, but I think it will help with the misunderstandings. For spanish people (From Spain), this word doesn't mean the same as for latin people from South or Center America. Instead, is the feminine form of "chulo", a word that refers to:

1. Something that is cool. Its a bit old fashioned but still in use.

2. Someone that acts in a prepotent way. Even more old fashioned, but in use. Commonly used by children in diminutive variants, "chulito" (For boys) and "chulita" (For girls)

3. Usually only in the male variant it refers to the person who protects a prostitute in exchange for a large portion of their profits.
1. Β‘Esas botas son muy chulas! (These boots are very cool!)

2. No me gusta jugar con ella porque es una chulita. (I don't like to play with her because she is a prepotent)

3. Su chulo parece muy agresivo. (Her "chulo" seems so aggressive)
by mimimimimimimimimimimiiiii August 07, 2012
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Petrina Zambito
Boy 1:That Petrina Zambito is lookin h0t!
by Tiffichu May 21, 2009
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