One who spreads the idealogy of fear through propoganda to fulfill a concealed agenda. Similar to a terrorist, but it fights with information and not direct violence. Politicians, media personas, and internet posters can all be fearmongers.
George W. Bush is accused for being a fearmonger for the use of scare tactics during the 2004 election.
by rkilgore35 April 16, 2005
Provoking fear in order to get someone to get stuff done. What Republicans use to fight terrorism and what Democrats use to fight global warming or climate change or whatever they're calling it now.

It's a massive two-way street and is one of the cheapest ways to get something done.
The Republicans are fearmongering so much that Americans are actually starting to believe another attack is coming soon.

The Democrats are fearmongering with global warming to the point where people have just stopped driving their cars altogether.
by Wadeford February 3, 2010
General response used by conspiracy theorists to deny that covid is a major issue.
Intelligent person: Wear a mask, social distance and protect your grannies and grandads. Covid is a serious disease killing many people worldwide, especially older people, however there have been reported cases of babies, children and teenagers teenagers dying of the virus.

Conspiracy theorist: FEARMONGERING!
by Mellon Collie March 17, 2021