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The act of fucking a person that you despise. Such an act is typically characterized by name calling, roughness, and immediate departure after the act.
The girl was a loud mouthed hippie who talked shit about me at a party once, so I took her home, hate fucked her, and kicked her out.
by BAMF.com April 08, 2003
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The act of inserting the name of any obscure cultural institution into a conversation in an effort to accelerate the building of rapport with someone, or to make one's self appear to be more important. Typically considered by intelligent people to be a negative habit.
Here is an example of name dropping in context.
"I totally saw this guy I used to work with at the Bright Eyes show last tuesday!"

With the intended response being:
"woah, you listen to Bright Eyes!?"

One more example

"I was getting off the train and my Don Delillo book fell right out of my bag and onto the tracks!!!"

by BAMF.com May 06, 2003
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The act of ejaculating on a sex partner's face, and then delivering a hard open handed slap to that area of the face, with the intention of the fluid splattering over a wider area.
When I cum slapped that girl, my juice got in her eye
by BAMF.com April 26, 2003
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1. A place where the ratio of men to women is extremely high.
2. A gathering of gay men

see also sausage fest, clam farm
The bar was a cock farm, so we left and went to another bar.
by BAMF.com April 08, 2003
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A place where the ratio of women to men is extremely high.

see also: cock farm
Trisha's baby shower was a total clam farm.
by BAMF.com April 08, 2003
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A female, aged 14-30, who spends more than 4 hours per day online who has sex with multiple partners whom she met via the internet.
The netwhore I picked up off of makeoutclub came over to my crib to hang out, then she sucked my dick and we fucked, then she went home and I put her on my block list.
by BAMF.com April 08, 2003
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(V.)the act of a male performing sexual intercourse.
When we walked in, we saw Bill cock plowing Jane.
by BAMF.com April 08, 2003
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