Stands for My Own Creation. Often used in this term for personalized LEGO creations and varieties or different things able to be individualized.
Go to for a wide range of LEGO creations.
by 1j5pr June 15, 2008
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Mint On Card. This is used to refer to an item packaged in a blister and cardboard type package that has not been opened.
This toy is worth $30 if MOC, but only $15 if loose.
by veggieduck February 12, 2006
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MOC stands for “Man of culture”. Being a man of culture means you are knowledgeable in cultures of countries or regions other than the one you were raised in. The world Man of culture is primarily used for Anime-related context, but it can be used for any culture.
StrangerWeeb69: What's the sauce for this meme?
WeebMaster420: Ah, I see you're a MOC as well. It's 190579.
by tsukataa September 19, 2021
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Commonly used as an acronym for a (m)arriage (o)f (c)onvenience. A marriage of convenience, as the name suggests, is not a love marriage but instead, arranged in order to gain proper credentials to reside in a certain country (visas) or to conceal the fact that one is gay/lesbian from their family. Because of this, MOC's are most commonly organized by South Asian gays and lesbians due to the traditional familial pressure to marry.
Girl 1: You know how it looks to the family, an unmarried Muslim girl in her late 20's. My parents say if I don't get married soon, they'll arrange one for me!

Girl 2: Why don't you just arrange an MOC with a gay guy?
by phibroptik August 12, 2006
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Men of Color. Used in the gay community do describe guys of darker ethnicities
Jack: I'm really only into MOC.

John: So, you basically mean anyone except for white?

Jack: Yes.
by SummerBeachBum January 26, 2013
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An "MOC" or "Moment Of Confusion" is a dating term used to refer to those confusing moments when you believe that someone has a crush on you, but you cannot be fully certain if they truly like you. If someone creates a nickname for you, teases you, acts nervous around you, tries to impress you, stares at you intently,makes conversation with you, flirts with you etcetera it is an MOC.
Anna: Did you see how Ben couldn't stop staring at Katie during drama and even asked her to work with him on the new assignment? Total MOC!
Serena: I definitely agree with you. Taylor and Ryan also had an MOC today because they were also flirting non-stop! They would be such a cute couple.
Anna: MOCS are so much fun!
by UltimateCoupleGuru April 18, 2013
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Monster of Cock. describes any male with a penis above that of the average. however one cannot claim that they are a MOC but it must be witnessed and varified by another more impartial person.
"i accidentally looked a Jeff's groin in the changing rooms. That kids a MOC!"
by ljm18 January 14, 2007
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