21 definition by bEATLe_PauL

a word to replace any item.
geoffro: my thingamabobby is 12".
by bEATLe_PauL July 04, 2005

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when you need to piss so bad that when you flop it out you just let it rip and there is no time to pull up the middle seat and the drops hit the middle seat and they stick together.
"FUCK! someone left stick drops all over here im not sitting on that seat!"
by bEATLe_PauL June 18, 2005

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A segmant on the australian television program (rove live) it includes random pictures, newspaper clippings or photos.
Rove: A printer cartridge coloured black with the name 'niger'. WHAT THE!!!
by bEATLe_PauL June 03, 2005

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The record company that produced record for the greatest band ever, The Beatles.
Fuck, parlophone must have made lots of dough on Sgt. Peppers.
by bEATLe_PauL June 03, 2005

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The involvement of sixteen human beings including fifteen males on the one female.

Approximent time on the one female is around 30 seconds. Rest of your time spent on the outside (masterbating).

Guaranteed to make the tightest and toughest of (pussy) loose.
Dude, your mum's really loose after that killer debutcherie session last night.

Man! I'm sick off (wacking off), I just want some hardcore debutcherie.
by bEATLe_PauL May 21, 2005

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when one spits on a rainy day and the spit hits the puddleand makes a splash.
'WoW MaN! that loggie was a splasher for sure'
by bEATLe_PauL June 18, 2005

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It's not short for emily you (retards), it's a record company produced bands like (the beatles)
without emi there mightn't have been sgt. peppers.
by bEATLe_PauL June 05, 2005

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