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Underway: A US Navy term meaning that the ship has pulled out of port and is out to sea. Also refered to as "Hazed, grey, and underway."
Chief: "Well it's too late to try and get out of this det now son, We're underway."
by b--rad September 27, 2006

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Air boss: A Naval term used on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier. The air boss is in charge of all the operations of the flight deck from moving the planes around, landing aircraft, launching aircraft, ordinance handling, and the general safety of all the pesonell on the flight deck. The Air boss sits in the tower and watches all that goes on and communicates with the flight deck via megaphone.
Air boss: " Hey brown shirt if you don't have proper hearing protection then get off my flight deck!!!"

Brown shirt: Well he just caries on with his fingers in his hears like a dumb ass.

Air boss: "YEAH I'm talking to you brown shirt, the one with the fingers in your ears. GET OFF OF MY FLIGHT DECK!"
by b--rad September 11, 2006

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a military term, particulary the US Navy, meaning parking lot.
AT2: "Every one fall out to the grinder for drill."
Recruit: "Aye aye petty officeeer!!!"
by b--rad September 11, 2006

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Mindango (mah-dan-goh): A word used as a substitution for the phrase "my dang old". Mostly used when talking to a friend and drinking a beer. It is derived from redneck southern slang.
Tony: "Dam mindango lawn mower shit the bed the other day."
Bob: "Dam Schwo that sucks. Now how are you going to cut your grass."
by b--rad August 31, 2006

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A fat slack jaw. It's a person who is so fat that when they breath it sounds like they are snoring.
Tommy is so fat and a slack jaw which makes him snore while he's awake thus meaning he is a day snorer
by b--rad April 07, 2012

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Someone who isn't jewish but acts jewish, has jewish friends, and considers themself jewish.
"Did you see Mordechai's girlfriend? Would his parents be ok with her not being jewish?" -guy #1
"She's jewishish so his parents say its ok as long as they don't get married." -guy #2
by B--RaD September 15, 2008

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Is another way of saying dildo. Coined by a local radio regular in the Greenville, SC area. Vince from the radio station 93.3 the planet's morning show the Rise guys calls a dildo a Dodil.
Vince: I got a dodil.
Anyone else: don't you mean a dildo?
Vince: Ya that's what i said, I got a dodil.
by b--rad October 14, 2007

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