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In the military, when a system on a piece of equipment was thought faulty, the air crew/ user/ pilot/ driver would fill out a VIDS/MAF (Visual Information Display System/Maintenance Action Form) stating what was wrong with the system and turning it in to Maintenance Control. Control would then send it out to the specific shop to fix the problem. When the technician went out to the aircraft, ran up the FLIR/Radar/ACU system and could not duplicate the problem or found no errors, they would sign off the gripe sheet with 11-1-A-799 (at least in the airwing that was the full line/box codes) and send it back to Control meaning that we couldn't duplicate the problem and they were full of crap.
We just sent back two MAF's A-799'd on those two down jets. I don't know what the pilot/RIO/B/N was thinking or doing wrong, but we tracked targets fine. Maybe they really CANT hit anything and needed to blame it on the aircraft. See if you can get flight ops to put Wiley up in her next time, betcha he won't gripe the tracking system!
by Cpl Crzy Joey October 22, 2009
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A-799: A US Naval Aviation term meaning that it was a piece of equipment that was recieved bad from the aircraft but turned out to be fine. The part that the O-level technician sent into to be repaired had nothing wrong with it. There are several reasons for an O-level tech to send in something that is in good working order, Lazyness is one, poor maintencance skills, an unorganized work area and or storage area, there are many more than this. When the gear is reissued back into stock as A-799 then the O-level tech that sent it in as bad will get into trouble for wasteing the government's time and money.
Harris: "Hell I've already gotten 3 A-799 from HS-11 this week, I wonder whats going on over there?"
Cortes: "They must be training a bunch of new technicians."
Harris: "Yea that's probably it. I almost feel bad sending them back as an A-799"
Cortes: "Well how else are they going to learn?"
by b--rad September 27, 2006
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