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A phrase meaning "I want to have crazy sex."
Fundo jumped into the pool when the lady said to him, "Let's go swimming." Little did Fundo know, the lady was referring to something else.
by authOOr July 10, 2006
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When a man wakes up in the morning with a stiffy, and humps his bed because there's no female readily at hand to hump.
Every morning, there's never a girl next to Tundo, so he does his ritual morning bed hump before brushing his teeth.
by authOOr June 17, 2006
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An operating system which is also the origin of the name of a notorious family. Acronym for MicroSoft Disk Operating System.
Fundo thought MS-DOS sounded cool, but two wasn't his favorite number, so he changed his last name to something else that was similar to that.
by authOOr August 8, 2006
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Fundo was constantly hitting on the rather developed female until he found out she was a kitty cooter.
by authOOr June 29, 2006
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A person with a fetish for scrotum.
Fundo learned the true meaning of blue balls when the testicular dancer at the go-go bar turned his balls black-and-blue.
by authOOr June 29, 2006
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A game where the person outside of a parents' peripheral vision repeatedly makes faces or does stupid things to make the baby or child cry, eventually ending in making the parent look like a bad parent because their child is crying out of the blue. Points are awarded for getting away with it, while points are deducted for getting caught.
Fundo saw a lady carrying her child, so he decided to play The Bad Parent game.Fundo made scary faces at the child being carried. When the child cried, the mother yelled at her child to stop crying. Fundo laughed. Points for Fundo.
by authOOr June 26, 2006
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The person who will only fuck you if you ask for it.
Fundo loved his answer fucker because she always did what he asked.
by authOOr August 8, 2006
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