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Someone who defines themself by what they are against. They live for protests, and thrive off handing out pamphlets in university hallways. Typically, are vegan, vote for the green party, secretly wish they were a member of a minority group and are painfully politically correct.
Steve will protest anything! He's so bloody anti.
by aurora March 10, 2005

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action verb. When a person is giving head to another and the person receiving places one or two hands on the givers head, and proceeds to forcefully shove their penis inside the mouth.
I skull-fucked that bitch, and she bite my penis.
by Aurora March 25, 2005

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1) Neurotransmitter responsible for muscle movement.
2) An action word used to emphasize a movement.
2) For instance, shouting "Acetylcholine Kick!" when you kick something adds Power and Prestige to your Kick.
by Aurora May 20, 2004

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a very attractive looking female. killer body, blonde hair, and blue eyes. tall and tan.
"that bitch, she's a total caty."
by Aurora November 26, 2003

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The man with the nicest arse in rock.
Flying V-wielding frontman of the band Ash.
by Aurora January 15, 2005

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Reserved intellectual who reads but mostly writes breakthrough thoughts. Sits in cafes with notebooks sprawled everywhere. Likes blazers and grandpa's closet.
"I think that Liberati only wears glasses so he can take them off and rub his forehead like a tormented intellectual."
by Aurora April 10, 2005

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a billy corgan induced orgasm, either by listening to his music, or looking at pictures of the man himself
"did you hear the final concert mp3 i downloaded, i was corgasming by the second set"
by aurora September 04, 2003

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