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heres a reason why tiktok is cringe! (it has always been cringe) anyway, its a challenge where students steal someone from there school and brag about it on tiktok.
Devious lick preticipants will grow up to be dumb enough to brag about shoplifting
by arson_investigator September 21, 2021
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When you take cheeto's from your young sibling's plate; that's a cheeto tax
"Kids say the darndest things episode 5: I want to do a CHEETO TAX
by arson_investigator January 29, 2021
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a "bad john" is typically someone who likes to be violent and think violence is fun, and likes to beat people up for no reason at all.
Oh no, theres a bad john whos gonna beat up all these kid at this playground, Kids, run!
by arson_investigator July 09, 2021
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"did you see that sticker in the playground"
"yeah thats a cool guvy"
"you know your in trouble if someone calls you by your guvy"
"yeah bruh"
by arson_investigator October 28, 2021
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basically a position where someone draws attention to their butt on purposely, usually for a photo it is usually done by squatting at the camera and then bending down so the camera can see their butt, but they still have pants on.
the person did a sorority squat for there picture down below in the image you will see someone farting well doing a sorority squat
by arson_investigator August 29, 2021
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by arson_investigator January 21, 2021
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A sound no one makes and you do NOT make it when you want your cats attention i don't think, although, i don't know since i don't have a cat. so, yeah dislike if i'm wrong and like if i'm write
im sure no one says Pspspsps
by arson_investigator July 09, 2021
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