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The mundane act of counting, or going through the alphabet from start to finish in order to achieve an everyday task. The term was coined from the song lyrics to the Jackson 5 song 'ABC'. Also known as 'Jackson 5'ing It'.
"I don't want to be Jackson 5'ing It until I get to the end of the alphabet."

"Don't make me 'Jackson 5 It' from 1 to 100."
by arkanis50 January 2, 2008
1. The opposite of a failcake.

2. A proverbial cookie served to someone who has had a major success.

3. Used to celebrate a major success.

4. In gaming speak, this is served after a player has done something worthy or skilful.
I just wiped out that entire clan in CS, where's my successcookie bitch!

My idea deserves a successcookie.

That idea is so successcookie.
by arkanis50 May 17, 2009
A “poofter kat” is a person or object which is disliked, or which is felt to be stupid. Sometimes used as a reference to a homosexual.

The term originated from PK chewing gum, when someone tried to figure out what the initials PK stood for. For that reason, the word "kat" must always be spelt with a 'k', not a 'c'.
"This is a poofter kat of a game."
"Rocky is a bit of a poofter kat."
by arkanis50 January 7, 2005
1. German film director, akin to a modern Ed Wood, who primarily films very bad video game to movie adaptions such as House of the Dead.
2. Something or someone that is extremely bad, untalented, or stupid.
"Uwe Boll is surely the worst director since Ed Wood"
"Man, that shot was Uwe Boll"
"God I'm sucking at this game today, I'm playing like Uwe Boll"
by arkanis50 January 11, 2005
Australian phrase:
1. A phrase used when a person tells you something which is clearly exaggerated or a lie, and you want them to know that you don’t believe them.

2. A phrased used to tell a male to get his hand off of his genitals, or stop masturbating.
"You are trying to tell me you wrestled a crocodile? Get your hand off it mate!"
"Barry, get your hand off it and come and help me in the kitchen."
by arkanis50 January 7, 2005