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A fat lesbian. XX is the genetic makeup for a female. XXL both refers to size and sexual preference.
She looks so fat and butch she must be XXL
by argusm May 6, 2007
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Densely overgrown pubic bush that is impenetrable and exudes extreme humidity. May harbour unusual or exotic flora and fauna. May be found in some lesbian communities, Appalachian hillbillies, Russian shotputters,female Sasquatch, adrenogenital syndrome and bearded dwarves.
"Hey Chuck how did you go with that Sasquatch last night"
"Real bad. I got stuck in her Amazonian Rain Forest for 12 hours and had to do the angry lawnmower to get out"
by argusm May 22, 2007
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Sex change operation - gender reassignment
Brian had always wanted to be a woman so he saved hard to go to Thailand for a nip and tuck
by argusm May 20, 2007
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Rash or inflammation caused by titfucking with a cheesy penis
Q: What's that poxy rash on your chest, bitch?
A: That's smegmatitis from tit fucking with Rastus's alabama black snake. He aint washed it for a month!
by argusm May 6, 2007
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1) Describes something or someone that is awesomely cool
2) Describes something or someone that is physically strong, hard
1) James drove his father's Porsche to the school social. "Hell,dude" said his friend "That's one muscly car!"
2) Thai hookers give the best sex - they have the most muscly vaginas
by argusm May 14, 2007
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Small pieces of faecal matter that remain in the toilet bowl after it has been flushed. Immortalised in the TV show "Allie McBeal" by John Cage:
(explaining his remote control toilet flusher)
John "The Biscuit" Cage: Sometimes people leave in haste, forget to flush. Other times, there are residual remnants. I like a fresh bowl.
John "The Biscuit" Cage: My regularity's easily thrown. Unclean bowls... trouble me.
John "The Biscuit" Cage: I like a fresh bowl and remnants upset me.
The diarrhoea was so bad no matter how hard I flushed some remnants surfaced in the bowl
by argusm May 20, 2007
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Sounds the same as Cialis - what you say when you have problems getting an erection
by argusm May 20, 2007
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